Corridor Overview

Photo of tire treadmarks on snowy road

Interstate 80 is a major east-west interstate corridor through the states of California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Nebraska, and is a major economic freight and traveler corridor which can better service the public through improved and coordinated maintenance and traveler information services. Integration and continuity of Winter Maintenance Operations across the United States is needed to provide consistent traveler information and similar levels of service to achieve a higher degree of boundary transparency and improved mobility, as seen by the traveling public. These five states have initiated a single strategic planning effort to reach consensus on how best to link operational processes and data to maximize winter mobility in their I-80 corridor.

Coalition Objectives

  1. Establish institutional structure for coordinating operations on I-80 in the western states.
  2. Aggregate weather conditions information from multiple sources.
  3. Identify traffic data collection capabilities and share information with other agencies.
  4. Establish existing capabilities and near-term enhancements to identify specific continuity issues.
  5. Research innovative practices from other areas of the country facing similar challenges.

Photo of a maintenance vehicle along I-80 onramp

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